ANGELS Aerials - vertical dance and theatre in Cologne


The Show from the Sky

Follow us for one hour to the world of Angels, a world of poetic images, absurd stories and an unfathomable energy, a place where art supersedes gravity and the walls and even the air itself are the stage... 

An ANGELS show is a sensory experience. Music, lighting and digital projections are used to create a unique playing space.  In an exciting display of wire-work skill, the performers fly across the room, dance on vertical walls, swoop through the air and play over the heads of their audience, challenging visual conventions, crossing the boundaries of the expected and defying the laws of gravity. 

"a... reckless show!" (Express)

"...great staged experience theatre" (Kölnische Rundschau)

"...a virtuous skydance" (Theaterzwang Festival)

 Where heaven and earth meet, in a place of potential and great possibility, sitting just out of reach of earthbound man and beyond reproach of the angels you will find our heavenly company – ANGELS Aerials